Ivegor Multi Putty - Directions for use

Product Solvent-free epoxy-based filler, adhesive, sealant and coating compound
Packaging 0,5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 10 kg and 50 kg
Mixing ratio equal parts of base component and hardener
Specific gravity 1,6 kg/l
Heat resistence approx 200ºC
Yield 1.6 kg/m 2 with a layer thickness of 1 mm

(time between preparation and processing )

15 to 20 minutes atj 20 º C
Full hardening 4 to 6 days at 15 to 20 º C
Mechanically loadable after 24 hours

The yellow colour of the base component and the blue colour of the hardener only serve to distinguish between the two components. Additionally, the putty becomes a uniform green when combining both components, which indicates a correct composition
We recommend you do not use the product in situations where it might come into contact with water intended for human consumption
The surfaces that are to be treated must first be wiped and cleared of rust, fat, paint residues, etc. Sanding with sandpaper or sandblasting improves fixation
Do not use any thinners or solvents during kneading
Knead the yellow base component and the blue hardener into a uniformly green substance. Wear rubber gloves for this. Always use sufficient amounts of water for preparation and application. This eases kneading and prevents the product from sticking to your hands. Here, the use of water has no effect on the product
Only knead the quantity that you will be applying shortly after. This is because the hardening process starts immediately, causing the mixture to become unmanageable within 20 to 60 minutes at room temperature. Heat accelerates the hardening
Also wear moist rubber gloves during processing
The product can be applied to both dry and wet surfaces
For vertical parts, you should start the application at the top
Apply the product to one area at a time and press it where needed to increase fixation. For normal applications, the ideal layer thickness is 36 mm. After you have applied the putty, rub the layer with moist hands or gloves in order to create an even finish
Clean your hands with water and soap after use, before the product hardens in your hands. Unused material can be disposed of in the usual way
Shelf life
Both the yellow and blue components basically have an unlimited shelf life, if the packaging is properly sealed
Keep the product out of the reach of children